Saturday, October 6, 2012

356 Meet-up!

356 Meet Up , first one for our local 356ers,  first two arrivals are both  1958 356A T2 , with Dave Hot Foot leaning on the white sunroof coupe.
9:00 am start from Oakridge roof top parking area, one "early bird" in the group.

Three 356 A's  and  Art K. 's   356 B white sunroof  in the background.

Harry G's  A  cabriolet's baby moon hub caps reflecting back Rick D.'s ( I.M. 911 powered) convertible D  roadster.
Heading out for drive to UBC, Spanish Banks , Yaletown and our picnic/swap meet at Trout Lake.

Spanish Banks beach photo opp !!
Red IM 356A  roadster in the  foreground , that has traveled across Canada , Rogee 's dad's
original unrestored  Bali blue 356 SC cabriolet at Trout Lake park in Vancouver.
We had a good showing of 356ers fan and their cars, weather held out for our drive and picnic.
Planning more 356 Meet Up's ,
keep in touch , keep those 356 driving !!


lyndsay said...

very cool, dad~! me and baby teddy will have to come out to the next meet-up picnic!

gerry said...

Thanks Lyndsay , you and Teddy are always welcome to come along !

David Sanderson said...

Gerry- where is the entry for the second tour? Maybe we could convince Teddy and Lindsay to come and bring a cupcake or two