Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My 356 Speedster and Michael Buble!

This summer I was contacted by the Victoria region Porsche Club of America president because a London music video producer was looking for an early 356 Speedster for an upcoming project. I was excited to learn it was going to be the new video and trailer for Burnaby, BC boy, singer Michael Buble! Filming was done on Kingsway in Burnaby, at night. I got to ride in the tow vehicle as they were filming my black Porsche 356 Speedster (photo above, foreground) on the back of a trailer with Michael Buble "driving" and singing his new song "Hold On." He is quite a down to earth, regular type guy and a big hockey fan! (he is one of the owners of the Vancouver Giants!) His new CD is "Crazy Love" ,great album includes new songs that MB wrote , really enjoy listen to his music, great guy and great music. Big Apple here we come, look out MSG!

Here I am with MB, note Speedster in back ground. Corner of Kingsway and Willington (Crystal Mall sign in back).

MB says "You and Me babie , let's go Kick Ass!" & GS says "What, here in Metrotown, Michael?"

"Nah.... the big apple, babie!"
Second pic: crazy smile on my face. Kind of goofy. Speedster looks "cool!"

SEE THE TRAILER BELOW! The car can be viewed at the 1:55 mark!


lyndsay said...

Tour De Burnaby!! Next stop, Metrotown Food Fair!!! great post dad!!!

shelleysung said...

Awesome Dad....your car looks AMAZING, and it is pretty sweet, seeing it in the video! A very smooth sleek, and sweet ride...
love ya! xo

Snooky doodle said...

Nice cars! You re lucky to have met Michael bubble :)

Al in Vancouver said...


Get well soon! Tara and Esme and I are rooting for a quick and complete recovery.

Warm Regards,

lyndsay said...

yay dad you're home!!! we will get your blog up and running again!! i'll help you scan the millions of pics of your cars...

love you!!!

b trawick said...


Glad to hear you are well again. It's been a while since we read your blog and are glad to see the update. We love the stories that accompany your posts.

BT & Danielle

babyelephant said...

hi mr sung!

i'm a friend of lyndsay's and am so happy to hear you're doing much better! i came across your blog and found my ultimate dream car!! your porsche 356 speedster is so amazingly beautiful!! just gorgeous!
all the best to a speedy recovery and im sure i'll see you at another blim market, maybe even a car ride? a girl can dream!

all the best!

mundodamari said...

Hello! Now I'm a little jealous of you to have met Michael Buble! Congratulations for your car and your blog!!